Soulja Boy Issues Stern Warning To Hypocrite Who Has Been Talking About Him

Soulja Boy recently walked into a Clubhouse room where he called out someone for speaking about him in interviews.

Recently, Soulja Boy reportedly made his way over to a Clubhouse room and called out an unidentified person who has gotten under the rapper’s last nerve. I wanna say your name so bad p*ssy lil’ n*gga, but I can’t make you famous, said Soulja. I just can’t.

You can have the clout from the other rappers, that’s cool, but you ain’t gon’ get it from me. I know that’s what you want, you want me to say your name, and I’m not. But just know, I ain’t forgot about you, boy.

And I’mma get you. On god. I’mma get you, boy. Speaking on me in the interviews like you know me, n*gga. You don’t know sh*t about me. On god. It can go there. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Soulja’s fans have been wondering who he’s talking about but they do not seem to have  ahold of him just yet

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