‘Bridgerton’ season 2 production shut down due to Covid-19

Production has been paused indefinitely.

Netflix has reportedly halted the production of its fan-favourite series, ‘Bridgerton’ following a new positive Covid-19 test result.RECOMMENDED ARTICLES

According to Variety, reps of the streaming platform have remained silent on if the positive result was from a member of the cast or crew. However, production was first halted for 24 hours after a crew member tested positive for the virus last Thursday.

Production kicked off for a new season of the sensational regency-era drama in May 2021 in London landmark the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich after the viral report that Netflix had renewed the show for a second and third season.

The indefinite hiatus will not be the first in recent times. Recall filming shut down for ‘Mission Impossible 7’ back in June, after a crew member tested positive for the novel virus

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